Practice Areas

Burri Law, P.A. focuses on employee benefits issues on a federal level.  As a specialized firm, we track new developments in the employee benefits field daily.   Also, our experience with a wide variety of employee benefits issues gives us a level of detailed and nuanced knowledge in this field that may not be achieved by non-specialized general counsel.


Benefits Consulting for Employers

As an employer, attracting the best and brightest workforce is integral to meeting your goals.  A comprehensive benefits offering will make your organization more competitive in acquiring top-level talent.  But with so many options, that sometimes have conflicting requirements, it is important to tailor your benefits choices to your organization’s administrative and financial needs.

Burri Law provides consulting services to employers to assist in making informed decisions on which benefits are working for their employees, and which are more desirable.  Our firm also provides ongoing consulting to HR Directors and CFO’s on day-to-day benefits administration, resolving employee grievances, and newly added benefits options under the law.  We also assist in translating complex materials and concepts into plain English.

  • Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act
  • 457(f) Plans, and other nonqualified deferred compensation
  • 403(b) Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans (Pensions)
  • Executive Compensation
  • HRA
  • Wellness Programs
  • 125 Plans
  • Church Plans
  • Fiduciary Education 


 Employee Benefits Compliance

Compliance is an ongoing challenge for employers, especially in the ever-changing employee benefits field. 

Burri Law provides consulting services, and representation, to employers regarding compliance with employee benefits laws.  It is always our recommendation to be proactive in compliance, as the penalties for violations in this area of law can be harsh and steep.  We help employers find weak spots in administration to save money in compliance costs.  Our firm also provides representation to employers in litigation regarding their employee benefits offerings, which may include lawsuits brought by employees or lawsuits brought against negligent service providers.

  • Providing required reporting and disclosures
  • Amending or drafting plan documents, employee handbooks, and summary plan descriptions
  • Plan Governance
  • Internal Revenue Service or U.S. Department of Labor Audit Representation
  • Litigation


Employee Rights to Benefits

An integral feature of the United States’ laws regarding employee benefits is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.  This Act was passed with the intention of protecting the benefits promised to employees, including retirement plans and health insurance, among others.

Our firm assists employees in obtaining the benefits they are owed by current or former employers.  Examples of such benefits are correct pension payments; missed contributions to 401(k) plans; or coverage under the employer’s health insurance. 


Expert Witness

Mr. Burri has over thirty years of experience as a former stock broker, insurance agent and principal, and registered securities principal.  Combined with his training and work as an employee benefits attorney, his knowledge regarding the past, present, and future of benefit plans is unparalleled.

Mr. Burri has been called to testify in depositions for health insurance companies.  He is also a frequent speaker at insurance and ERISA conferences, and industry trade shows.